Forestry Management in New Hampshire & Vermont

Woodsville ForestryOwn some land and looking to utilize it? There are many options available to such as timber harvesting, wildlife protection, or simply beautifying the woodland. Regardless of what you plan to do with your property, we can help. Since 2007 we have developed a reputation as Woodsville's premier forestry management company. We have a passion for protecting the woodlands of Northeast America and our desire is to help you make the most of yours. We provide a number of forestry services. Check out our website to discover all the ways we can help you make the most of your land and use it in a way that is responsible, productive, and profitable for you.

Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting is both profitable and good for the environment. It is the best form of pruning for the natural forest. We take our years of harvesting experience in order to help you find the best timber on your land and sell it for better than average market value. We employ several techniques including single tree selection, shelterwood, and patch cut methods. We remove the weed trees and harvest the crop trees while preserving your forest the entire time. We provide a full service that helps you to grow, harvest, and market your best trees. When it comes to optimizing your forest, you want experts in the field that know how to help you navigate the entire business. This is why you can trust Stillwater Forestry. We are the forestry specialists.

Timber Value Appraisal

A timber value appraisal ascertains the actual volume and value of the timber on your land. This is based on the current market price for usable timber. We can help you establish what the value of your timber is based on a thorough assessment and accurate report. Our service covers all aspects of a standard appraisal such as forest management planning, determining a tax basis, estate settlement, and land sale or acquisition. There are many benefits to a tax appraisal. It helps reduce your taxes, increases your real estate value and gives you credibility as a true timberland investor.

Why Use Stillwater Forestry LLC

We have built a solid name as New Hampshire and Vermont's premier forestry management company. We have a real love for the woodlands of the Northeast and work hard to preserve both the timber and the wildlife in this part of the country while at the same time help you to run a lucrative business. There is a healthy balance in which everyone benefits with the right strategies and work ethic. We know what it takes to protect your land. Our distinguished team of experts has over 15 years of forestry experience. We know the land and the market and can deliver on our promises. We are a client driven company and want to meet all your needs.

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