Barre Professional Forest Management Services

Barre ForestryOwning a little piece of the wonderful forestland here in Barre, Vermont means you have a beautiful natural setting to live or visit as you will. Our area of the country boasts some of the most beautiful forest and timberland in the United States. Taking care of your forestland in Barre may not be as easy as you'd thought or hoped, or perhaps you're living elsewhere and aren't able to attend to your land as you would like.

Whether you're needing forest management services like inspections and timber assessments, or you're needed services that ensure your forest and wildlife are protected and thriving, Stillwater Forestry, LLC is the forestry management service many owners trust.

We provide a full line of professional services for all your timberland management needs. We are a trusted professional land management company both in Vermont and New Hampshire. When you choose Stillwater Forestry LLC for your Barre Forest Management needs, you'll have thriving wildlife, boundaries secured, a healthy mini-eco system, and so much more.

Expert Timberland Management in Barre

Stillwater Forestry, LLC professionals know all there is to know about the wildlife living in your forest. That means we know what it takes to improve your land so it supports the creatures you want living on it. A healthy forest attracts all types of wildlife! Let us help you with solid options to ensure they want to live in your great piece of forest! When you're looking for support from a professional Barre Forestry Management company, you'll have these services and more:

  • Border Maintenance & Protection
  • Forestland Inspections
  • Timber Appraisals
  • Timberland Buyers
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvements
  • Inspections
  • Timber Harvesting

Annual Forestry Inspection Services in Barre

You can sign up for our annual forestry inspection services for your Barre forestland. In spring and fall, you'll have an inspection done that gives you very valuable information about your property. You'll receive written reports with details as to the current species, habitat, boundaries, and so much more. This information is extremely useful to:

  • Prevent timber thieves
  • Prevent insect infiltration
  • Ward off undesirable wildlife
  • Prevent criminal land use
  • Saves you time and travel
  • Absent owner assistance

Wildlife Habitat Improvement in Barre

Forest land needs to support wildlife that is important to you. Whether you're wanting turkey, deer, or any other animal to live on your land, the forested areas of your property needs to be attractive to the species you want.

We can help you analyze what needs to be done to get your forest in top condition to ensure the wildlife is living on your land and doing well. Each species will need specific requirements, and that's what we bring to the table.

We know all about the species in the area and can help you create the habitat your wildlife will do best in. When your forest is healthy, it supports the wildlife, so we also help you ensure it does.

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Barre, VT

If you are looking for a Barre forestry management professional then please call 1-800-237-9253 or complete our online request form.