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Bradford ForestryIf you are in need of experienced forestry work in Bradford, then contact the professionals at Stillwater Forestry. We are New Hampshire and Vermont's premier forestry service. We provide a full range of serves that help you preserve your forest and keep it looking vibrant and lush all year long. Our team has several years of combined forestry experience and we have the knowledge that is essential for forestry management. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will inspect your property and provide you with expert service.

Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting is fundamental for a healthy woodlot. We are able to identify the weed trees from the crop trees and weed out those trees that are weak and not productive for your woods. Our goal is to help you maximize your profits as a landowner. We offer comprehensive service including single tree selection, shelterwood, and even patch cuts. We provide a free 30 minute consultation in which we evaluate the timber and then give you options that are available to you.

Boundary Line Maintenance

As a forest owner it is important to have the boundary of your property clearly marked for the benefit of neighboring landowners, hunters, and potential trespassers. There are numerous benefits to maintaining a clear boundary in your forest. They are less expensive than surveys which can cost you a tremendous amount of money. Clearly marked lines will deter timber theft whether it's intentional or accidental. Having your boundaries evident also increases your land value as there is no guess work in trying to figure out how much land you own. Finally, it reduces or diminishes trespassing when you have signs up that are not blocked by brush.

Forest Management Plans

Forest management plans for you property help you to locate and maximize the resources that are available to you on your property and how these resources create opportunities for you to generate revenue. Our management planning service helps you analyze steams, ponds, dirt and soil, wetlands, and the overall condition of your land. These are important for determining exactly what can be utilized and how. This greatly improves the long-term value of your forestland.

As a bonus, proper forest utilization helps you save money on your taxes as a part of both the Vermont Use Value program and New Hampshire Current Use tax abatement program.

Full Service Forestry Management

Too often landowners have to hire multiple forestry companies in order to complete all of their forestry work. We provide comprehensive service for all your land needs. Some of our many distinguished services include timber harvesting, timber value appraisals, annual forest security inspections, wildlife habitat improvement, timber value improvements, buyers of standing timber, and land acquisition. Contact us today and let us help you make the most of your woodlands!

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