Seeking Montpelier Forestry Services?

Montpelier ForestryThe city of Montpelier, Vermont serves as the capital as well as the shire town of Washington County. It is the site of the Vermont State House seat of the legislative branch of the Vermont government. The population is a little over 7,800. The town is considered to be the smallest state capital of the United States. Stillwater Forestry LLC provides forest management services to the area. If you need maintenance, inspections, or improvements done to your tract of land, call us.

Annual inspections are very important to the vitality of a forest as it must be kept up with in order to flourish to the owner. An inspection can protect your property too. The overgrowth of shrubs and trees can distract others by throwing them off the beaten path.

We come in and clean those areas up. No matter what you use your forestland for, our company can help with commercial or recreational use.

Montpelier Timber Harvesting

Clearcuts can be a resourceful way to convert unhealthy timber stands to becoming healthy again. Timber harvesting incorporates different methods. Clearcutting is one of the most used methods because it allows forest managers to control their tree species. Clearcutting also provides:

  • The removal of all canopy covers
  • Creates habitat for various wildlife species
  • Creates edges

Call to take advantage of our timber harvesting service so that you can control the timber on your land and find out why we are the forestry service professionals to call on for such things. We care about the fate of your land and how it is maintained.

Montpelier Annual Forest Security Inspections

When most of us think of boundaries, we often do not consider our properties. The woods are often neglected the most, but the forests are areas where you do not just want any one tromping in through. Illegal timber theft and hunting happens all the time and sometimes without notice.

You should protect your land. Stillwater Forestry LLC can locate and mark property corners and boundary lines using a special type of paint. This will keep those boundary lines visible for at least 5-10 years or more.

We often recommend "Posted" signs to be installed along those boundaries as they serve as reinforcement. By simply marking off the perimeters of your property, you will be reducing your liability and improving timber management activities.

Call Stillwater Forestry LLC today and take advantage of our Montpelier forestry services. You can rest assure that when you hire us, you and your forestland will be in the best of hands. Don't miss out on adding more value to your property through our services.

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Montpelier, VT

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