Windsor Forestry Service

Windsor ForestryIf you are looking for an experienced forestry service in Windsor, then look no further. The professionals at Stillwater Forestry LLC have been serving New Hampshire and Vermont since 2007, and we provide a full range of services to preserve your forest keep it looking beautiful year after year. Our team of experienced Windsor forestry management professionals have the knowledge and skill that is absolutely essential for effective forestry management. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Windsor Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting is essential for maintaining a healthy woodlot. When it comes time to harvest and sell your timber, you want to make sure you go with a company that can identify the difference between your crop trees and those trees that are weak and unproductive. One of our fundamental goals is to help you, as landowner, to maximize your profits. We will work directly with you through every stage of the process from the initial appraisal all the way to helping make sure you get a good price on your harvest timber. When it comes to hiring a forestry service, you want to go with a name you can trust. Call Stillwater Forestry today.

Windsor Boundary Maintenance

At Stillwater Forestry, we understand how impossible it can feel to maintain your woodlands, especially if you own several acres or more. With all of the different tasks required for upkeeping your forested property, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Our comprehensive package of forest management services is designed to take a lot of that weight off your shoulders by providing the following services:

  • Boundary Maintenance & Security
  • Establishing Clear Boundary Marking
  • Posting No Trespassing Signs
  • Boundary Clearing & Brush/Foliage Clearing
  • Bi-Annual Forest Security Inspection Plan

Windsor Wildlife Preservation & Improvement

If your goal is to preserve existing wildlife on your property, or to add new wildlife, Stillwater Forestry can help. We can provide you with a full inspection of your land to help determine what types of wildlife would be suited to your specific type of land and what can be done to improve conditions so that your existing wildlife can flourish. We can also help you to create specific environments for specific types of animals if that's what you had in mind. We can help create environments for black bears, deer, grouse, and all different types of birds. This service includes everything from field restoration, vegetation and food plots, patch cuts, and planting trips for shelter. Call us today and let us help you make the most of your woodland areas.

Windsor, VT

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