How St. Johnsbury Landowners Can Make the Most Money From a Timber Harvest

For many owners of forest land there comes a time when a timber harvest is considered for their property. Reasons vary according to the owner. However, all want to see certain standards met. They want to make sure they get paid a fair value for what is harvested and payment on every product that is shipped. At the same time they want to insure their forest is left in better shape, then before the start of the harvest. They don’t want to be left with a gaping hole where the trees used to be and big mess left in its wake. To prevent this from happening they need to hire the right timber harvesting company for the job. Maybe they have had a number of various VT or NH logging companies contact them. They all seem like they possibly could get the job done right – but there is no guarantee. There is not enough confidence to be totally sure. There is too much at stake to leave the decision of who to hire up to chance.

If this sounds like where you are at – there is a solution. Hire a licensed consulting forester. A VT & NH forestry management company, like Stillwater Forestry LLC works directly for you! We are a company that is owned and managed by a NH licensed forester. We are professional outfit whose job is to represent the interests of our landowner clients – not just cut wood. All you have to do is call us at 1-800-237-9253. We will take over the process from there. We make sure only an honest and reputable NH or VT. logging company cuts your wood, We make sure you receive the highest possible price for your timber, We make sure proper insurances are in place, We make sure that the harvest is governed by a sound contract – that covers your interests. We make sure that you get paid for every load of wood that is shipped.

From start to finish – you will have peace of mind that as your advocate we are making sure that your interests are being protected! Don’t do it alone – there is too much at stake! Numerous studies have shown that landowners who use the services of a professional consulting forester - for a timber harvest – make more money and have more trees left standing when the job is completed , than those who don’t.

Count yourself among the number of savvy landowners who have decided to hire a consulting forester to represent them during the timber sale process. Call Stillwater Forestry LLC today. We are here to serve all landowners throughout NH and VT. We will act as your advocate for any St. Johnsbury timber harvesting activities.

For better forestry management, call in the professionals from Stillwater Forestry LLC. They can provide St. Johnsbury timber harvesting services for maximum growth, health, and profitability for your tract of land.

If you are looking for a timber harvesting management professional in St. Johnsbury then please call 1-800-237-9253 or complete our online request form.