Timber Pricing In New Hampshire for 2016

Timber Pricing in New Hampshire

The trees on your timber land have a certain value. Standing timber prices vary depending on different factors involved. They are dependent upon but not limited to : size and quality of the trees, the size of the woodlot, ease of access and quality of terrain It will also depend on what area of the state you would be harvesting timber from.

Every quarter, the NHTOA (New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association) puts forth a statewide survey to various mills, loggers, foresters and timber purchasers found throughout the sate. They ask for the timber prices paid by these various groups during the last quarter. These figures are then used to show the statewide , previous quarter's mill-delivered and stumpage prices. (Stumpage is a term meaning the trees still standing on the land.) To make this survey more accurate they divide the list into three districts; Northern, Central, and Southern New Hampshire. Prices can vary significantly between the northern and southern sections of the state.

The timber pricing list released this last September of 2015 covers timber prices for the state during the previous four month period. The stumpage value survey has the highest and lowest prices paid in list. This means prices paid for most landowners falls somewhere in the middle. The assessment could go above or below the amounts, and values can change significantly form one quarter to the next – based upon market demand.

A low timber value can be affected by poor accessibility, higher logging costs, lower grade timber and longer distance from markets. A higher timber value means lower logging costs, higher quality high timber, good access and closer proximity to markets.

The Timber Pricing List provided by the NHTOA will have low and high value amount for all the major product categories. . Here is some of the information provided by the most recent NHTOA survey.

Remember that these figures are averages.*

  • For Saw Logs:
  • White Pine - Low: $115/MBF (1,000 board feet), High: $160.00
  • Hemlock - Low: $30.00, High $55.00
  • Red Pine - Low $30.00, High $50.00
  • Spruce & Fir - Low $110.00, High $140.00
  • Hard Maple - Low $150.00, High $350.00
  • White Birch - Low $75.00, High $130.00
  • Yellow Birch - Low $130.00, High $250.00
  • Oak - Low $160.00, High $325.00
  • Ash - Low $80.00, High $145.00
  • Beech & Soft Maple - Low $40.00, High $100.00
  • Pallet & Tie Logs - Low $30.00, High $50.00
    For Pulpwood in Tons
  • Spruce & Fir - Low: $4.00 - $6.00, High $8.80 - $13.20
  • Hardwood & Aspen - Low: $5.00 - $8.25, High $13.00 - $21.45
  • Pine - Low: $2.00 - $4.00, High $4.40 - $8.80
  • Hemlock - Low: $3.75 - $5.00, High $9.00 - $12.00
  • Fuel Chips - Low: $1.00 - $3.00
  • High Grade Spruce in Tons: $23.00 - $30.00
  • Cordwood by Cord: $12.00 - $18.00

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