Your New Hampshire and Vermont Timber Consulting Specialist

For Landowners:

Implementing a timber sale on your own?
We offer the following services

  • Contract Review : Send us a copy of the contract the logger or mill wants to use and well make sure it protects your interests. Small details that are missing – can really cost you! We are industry specialists so we are able to notice details you or even a lawyer wouldn’t think of. An hour or two of our time can help you avert many potential problems.
  • Pricing Review: Looking for a second opinion on whether or not the prices you are being offered for your cut wood is competitive? With our pulse on the markets we know what constitutes a fair price. Just one hour of our time has the potential to save you thousands of dollars
  • Paperwork Review: During a timber sale you will receive a mountain of paperwork. Scale slips, trip tickets etc.. It can be both overwhelming and hard to decipher. A scale slip is meaningless unless you can understand it. For an hour or two of our time we can provide to you the expertise so that you are informed and ready to read and understand the paperwork you will receive from the logger or mill that is cutting your wood.

Hourly Rate: $ 75.00 p/hr (1 hr. increments)
Package deal: $ 500.00 - All of the above services, a contract template and 10 inquiries/questions answered -via email - throughout the duration of your harvest.

For Timber Product Manufacturers:

Considering expanding operations into the northeast?
We offer the following services

  • Fiber Availability Studies: We can provide an in-depth analysis – backed by practical on the ground knowledge – of the availability of fiber in the given area/region that you are looking to build. You will also receive an accurate understanding of the competition, “ wood flow”, product species and logging contractor availability.
  • Procurement Strategies: With over 8 years of experience in procurement we bring to the table an understanding of this subject that is unsurpassed. We realize that the cost of your raw material/fiber is the largest input cost to any wood manufacturing facility. We can provide solutions so that you receive a steady supply of the raw material you need at a cost that is affordable.

Call us today. We can say, with confidence, that we will provide innovative solutions and insights that will enable you to make informed, cost effective decisions about where to situate your facility and how to effectively purchase your raw material.

Forestry Services in New Hampshire & Vermont

  • Timber Harvesting
  • Boundary Line Maintenance
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Timber Value Appraisals
  • Annual Forest Security Inspections
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement
  • Timber Value Improvements
  • Buyers of Standing Timber
  • Land Acquisition

Areas We Provide Timber Harvesting Services

New Hampshire - Lebanon, NH | Keene, NH | Concord, NH | Littleton, NH | Berlin, NH - Vermont - St Johnsbury, VT | Rutland, VT | Montpelier, VT | White River Junction, VT | Brattleboro, VT | Hartland, VT | Norwich, VT | Thetford, VT | Brownsville, VT | Weathersfield, VT

If you are looking for a New Hampshire timber harvesting or Vermont timber harvesting professional then please call 1-800-237-9253 or complete our online request form.