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Timber Harvest In Bethlehem NHAfter a number of unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable contractor to implement their view clearing project, our landowner client contacted Stillwater Forestry LLC. After an initial meeting it was clear we could simply and easily bring their goals into reality. Their first goal was to get a better view of the panoramic White Mtn range in the distance. Their second goal was to insure the remaining acreage was harvested in a manner that promoted long term sustainability. Working closely with them..even going so far as to stand in their living room with them to identify - precisely which trees most impacted their potential view... we were able to get the project prepared in a way that would guarantee a positive outcome for them. We then contracted with a local, reputable logging contractor to bring their forest management project into reality. When it was finished our client got a whole new view of the White Mountains they didnt have before, their forest was thinned sustainability and best of all ..they generated income in the process.


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Customer Testimonial

We have a pleasure to recommend Stillwater Forestry for the excellent, highly professional, and superbly customized service they have provided. It was a pleasure to meet and plan the job with Stuart who is as friendly and attentive as he is knowledgeable, well connected and responsible. Thanks to Stuart, we are super pleased with the project that combined selective timber harvesting of a mixed forest, and opening the mountain view on our 12 acres property in Bethlehem, NH. THANK YOU, Stuart and Stillwater Forestry!

- Natasa P. - Bethlehem, NH

Bethlehem, NH

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