Timber Harvest In Chichester, NH

timber harvest chichesterThis project involved a supervised timber harvest on a parcel that was going to be sold. The landowner contacted us after having received quotes from a couple of timber buyers in the area. They wanted to insure they were receiving the best prices for their timber and that the harvest wouldnt leave their property looking like a mess. Once we explained to them that Stillwater Forestry works as the agent for the landowner and isnt just looking to purchase their timber cheap, they went with hiring us to oversee the sale of their timber. We worked to get the highest prices possible for their wood and sourced a very reputable logging contractor to harvest the job. They did a stellar job in the woods. Upon completion, they were able to cash out on the value of their timber while being left with a parcel that looked good and was ready for sale.


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timber harvest timber harvest timber harvest timber harvest

Chichester, NH

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