Recent Projects - Stillwater Forestry

  • Raymond, NH: Pasture Clearing & Timber Harvest

    Our client contacted us with an interest in having approximately three acres cleared for pasture. At the same time they wanted their additional acreage -selectively harvested. We met with them and looked over the project........

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  • Colebrook, NH: Boundary Line Maintenance

    We were contacted by this landowner about having their boundary lines refurbished. At one time the lines were visible and easy to find, however time and the rigors of nature had taken its toll.......

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  • Chester, VT: Timber Harvest

    Our client contacted us about a 62 acre woodlot they owned in Springfield, VT. They were looking to have it harvested. Their objectives were to generate income while insuring another harvest will be possible in the next 12 -15 years......

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  • Claremont, NH: Timber Harvest

    Our client contacted us about having their woodlot thinned out. They had a beautiful woodlot filled with large diameter White Pine and Red Oak. ...

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  • Charlestown, NH: Timber Harvest

    Our client contacted us about having a view cleared on property they recently acquired. They also wanted to see some trails built that would create access to the remaining forested parts of their property...

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  • Unity, NH: Timber Harvest

    Our client hired us to conduct a timber harvest. They had recently acquired this parcel of land, and their goals were to see it thinned to improve the health of the forest, create more of a view, and generate income. We were able to achieve all of this for them. .....

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  • Epsom, NH: Timber Sale

    Our client in Epsom, NH wanted their 22 acre forested property thinned out with a new one acre house site cleared. You can see our professionals using heavy machinery to grade a road and clear out the timber. .....

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  • Canaan, NH: Timber Harvest

    Recent timber harvest, conducted January 2016.. Prior to the harvest, the forest was very dense and heavily stocked with mature timber. Our client wanted to see it thinned in an effort to make it healthier and easier to walk through.....

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  • Bethel, VT: Pasture Clearing

    This client called us interested in having three acres of his wooded property cleared for pasture. His long - term goal is to convert the cleared portion to field and utilize it for small -scale personal farming.....

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