Looking For A Forestry Management Service In Pelham, NH?

Pelham ForestryStillwater Forestry, LLC manages forest land for private landowners in the Pelham, NH area. Our experienced forestry management staff can help you with a wide range of services to include soil and water conservation, boundary line management, wildlife habitat management, timber harvesting, and more.

Our Pelham forest management service also provides consulting, annual forestry inspections, and service packages.

  • Out of state landowner assistance
  • Timberland harvesting management
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Property maps & details
  • Service packages available

Expert Forestry Management Service

Our experienced staff has an understanding and vision of responsible forest land management. Our registered forester can help you prepare a long-term written plan that is tailored to your unique management goals.

  • GIS maps
  • FSP plans
  • Timber stand inventory
  • Timber appraisals
  • Forest management plans

Responsible Timber Harvesting

Our timber harvesting service gives you the tools you need to responsibly harvest the timber on your land. If you are a Pelham landowner, our specialists can help you prepare, market, and harvest the timber on your acreage.

  • Detailed timber inventory
  • Timber appraisal
  • Timber marketing
  • Timber harvesting management

Pelham, NH

If you are looking for Forest Management Services in Pelham, NH, please call 1-800-237-9253 or complete our online request form.