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Brattleboro ForestryBrattleboro is seated in the west bank of the Connecticut River at the point where Vermont's West River flows. There is a population there of over 12,000 people as Stillwater Forestry LLC attends to forest landowners needs in that area.

Forest management plans help your property as it can serve your needs and interests. A forest plan is a specific statement where your objectives are made clear and concise. We take into consideration the plans that you have for your land and draw up a written plan to follow.

We attend to all forest related issues including wildlife habitat improvements. These are helpful when relocating habitats to inhabit your land. There are many benefits to having wildlife and improvements made to their land. Benefits include:

  • The encouragement of early forest and land growth
  • Conversion of woods for grass species
  • Controls invasive plant species

Besides wildlife habitat improvements, we can provide you with a lot more as we can also find you buyers for standing timber that can also improve the growth of your land.

Brattleboro Timber Harvesting

One of the best ways to make income from your land while simultaneously improving the long term health and value of your forest is through a well planned and administered timber harvest.

We don’t work with just any Vermont or New Hampshire logging contractor – when it comes to cutting your trees. Only the most professional, conscientious New Hampshire and Vermont loggers and logging contractors work with us. Proper planning goes into the process thus insuring New Hampshire and Vermont landowners have a timber harvest that leaves them satisfied with the results. We reduce the stress without leaving your woods a mess!

Brattleboro Boundary Line Maintenance

“Good fences make good neighbors” - Robert Frost

Well maintained boundary lines are the modern day equivalent of a good fence. Ignore them at your peril. Well maintained lines offer one of the least expensive yet most valuable forms of protection for the savvy New Hampshire and Vermont forest landowner.

Proper maintenance deters timber theft, trespassing, encroachment and expensive resurveying. A little money spent on your lines today, can save you large headaches and costs in the future.

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Brattleboro, VT

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