Professional Forestry Service in Rumney

Rumney ForestryRumney is a small town of Grafton County located in Hampshire The population is a little over 1400 and is located at the southern edge of the White Mountain National Forest. With much of the population embedded deep in the forest, there is often a need for Rumney forest services. If you are in need of forest management services, then we provide a wide range of services for your home or business. When it comes to management in the New Hampshire area, there is only one contractor to come to. We have been helping our clients for a while whatever their needs are and want to help you whenever you need a service geared towards a brighter future for your forest.

Rumney Timber Harvesting

One of the most lucrative ways to generate long-term revenue for your property while simultaneously improving the long term health and value of your forest is through a well planned and managed Rumney timber harvest. We partner with reputable logging contractors in order provide the highest quality service and to help you maximize the value of your forest. With Stillwater Forestry you receive full harvesting which includes help you choose the right timber to harvest at the right time, cleaning up the landscape, and then helping you get top dollar for your trees.

Complete Boundary Line Maintenance

“Good fences make good neighbors” - Robert Frost

Well maintained boundary lines help protect your forest and make it clearly visibile to all where your property line exists. There are several benefits to Stillwater Forestry boundary line service. They are less expensive and more efficient than surveys, They deter theft, poaching and trespassing, and they can greatly increase the value of your land. Boundary lines give you peace of mind in knowing exactly how far your propety extends. We can help you create clear markings and post 'No Trespassing' signs across the boundary.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement In New Hampshire and Vermont

When you acquire land in the Grafton County area you get the added benefit of all the natural wildlife. Preserving the wildlife on your property is essential for the ecological health of the forest and insures the balance of nature. We offer full habitat assessment in order to give you an overall profile of what animals make their home in your forest. We can then give you recommendations on how to utilize the property while allowing the wildlife to thrive. We can also improve certain areas of the landscape such as evenly spaced patch cuts, planting food plots and food sources such as apple trees, establishing shelters, and old field reclamations.

Annual Forest Security Inspections

Stillwater Forestry offers thorough forest inspections for your forest. We perform bi-annual (spring/fall) on the ground inspections of your property for a variety of issues that commonly go undetected. We will walk the perimeter of your property and then walk all major trails/roads and follow up with the interior of the property . The Rumney forestry professionals from Stillwater Forestry LLC will be looking for signs of timber theft, trespassing, erosion problems, beetle infestations, nuisance animals, fire lanes, as well as monitoring the growth of your timber. You don't have to wait until it's too late. Call before there are major problems on your property. We will “nip in the bud” any problems that may potentially plague your land.

Rumney, NH

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If you are looking for Rumney annual forest security inspections then please call 1-800-237-9253 or complete our online request form.